This page presents regularly educational videos in the field of cardiology, electrophysiology, and digital health.


EP Talk Nr. 39: Should everyone receive an ICD after ablation of ischemic VT? 

EP Talk Nr. 38: Hemodynamic support for catheter ablation of ventricular arrhythmias 

EP Talk Nr. 37: Artificial intelligence in cardiology and electrophysiology 

EP Talk Nr. 36: Epicardial ablation and its challenges 

EP Talk Nr. 35: A man with wide QRS complex tachycardia: the role of cardiac imaging

EP Talk Nr. 34: A young woman with polymorphic PVCs: What is the diagnosis?

EP Talk Nr. 33: A young man with recent onset AF: What is the diagnosis?

EP Talk Nr. 32: Where is the loop of CS electrode?

EP Talk Nr. 31: Indications for catheter ablation of VT in patients with SHD

Indications for ablation of VT in patients with structural heart disease
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Indications for VT Ablation DGK 08.09.20[...]
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EP Talk Nr. 30: High Density Mapping: Case Presentations (in German)

EP Talk Nr. 29: High Power Short Duration Ablation (in German)

EP Talk Nr. 28: Cardiogenic shock and atrial tachycardia: which one comes first?

EP Talk Nr. 27: Coherent Mapping: septal left atrial microreentrant tachycardia

EP Talk Nr. 26: VT Ablation in Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy

EP Talk Nr. 25: A man with AVB, LBBB and Heart Failure

EP Talk Nr. 24: Catheter ablation of AF in a Woman

EP Talk Nr. 23: Catheter ablation of AT after AF ablation

EP Talk Nr. 22: Latest Articles on AF from the latest Issue of EP Europace

EP Talk Nr. 21: Left Atrial Tachycardia after Previous PVI

EP Talk Nr. 20: A Young Man with AF and Syncope

EP Talk Nr. 19: Catheter Ablation of AT after Fontan Operation using Stereotaxis

EP Talk Nr. 18: Catheter Ablation of AT after Extra-Cardiac Fontan Operation 

EP Talk Nr. 17: How to use ultrasound to puncture groin's vessels 

EP Talk Nr. 16: Coherent Mapping and left atrial tachycardia 

EP Talk Nr. 15: Catheter ablation of PVCs from RV Inflow

EP Talk Nr. 14: Coherent Mapping

EP Talk Nr. 13: Wide QRS Complex Tachycardia

EP Talk Nr. 12: CMR Guided Ablation of VT in a Patient with NICMP

EP Talk Nr. 11: Removing a Brocken Venous Sheath

EP Talk Nr. 10: Pocket closure after CIED implantation 

EP Talk Nr. 9: Catheter ablation of PVCs from LVOT

EP Talk Nr. 8: Coherent mapping of an incessant VT

EP Talk Nr. 7: Pathophysiologie der HRST für Medizinstudenten und Assistentsärzte


EP Talk Nr. 6: ECG for localization of the atrial tachycardias

EP Talk Nr. 5: ARVC, case presentation and suggested readings 

EP Talk Nr. 4: Catheter Ablation of PVCs from RVOT

EP Talk Nr. 3: Catheter Ablation of VT in Patients with LVAD

EP Talk Nr. 2: Roof Dependent Left Atrial Macroreentrant Tachycardia

EP Talk Nr. 1: Recent Studies on Arterial Hypertension


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